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Concrete pour in rainy weather

Concrete pour in rainy weather

  Here is a skill testing question(s) for you engineer types out there. I am obsessively been observing this new high rise under construction in Vancouver and one thing that bugs me is I notice that they pour the concrete for new floors and columns when the weather is kinda rainy.

  As a matter of fact, we have had three days of sunny weather in which one of them (Friday), they poured one half of the floor. However, the concrete pour does not happen on the weekend(even though the website said they would) as there was practically no activity on the site (that I can see). And today, when it started to rain, the concrete pour continues.

  I was under the impression that for any concrete pour, it is not wise to them then during wet weather.

1) Is it normal for construction projects to pour while its raining?

2) or does it really matter if the concrete pour occurs while raining?
.i.e., the concrete settles regardless of the conditions outside?
Please help.


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